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Habitot Children's Museum

Habitot Children's Museum
2065 Kittredge Street
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Habitot at Home

Mini Aquarium in a Baby Food Jar   

Mini Aquarium in a Baby Food Jar

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• Clean baby food jars or clear recycled plastic bottles (must have lid or top)
• Sand, shells, other small found objects (like rocks, small pieces of grass, etc.)

• Blue liquid watercolor or blue food color
• Vegetable or baby oil

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1. Use a funnel or a rolled piece of paper to help your child to pour a small amount
    of clean sand into the bottom of a clean baby food jar. (You can purchase clean
    sand, or use found sand, rinsed in a bowl of water several times, pouring off
    the debris and muddy water until the poured off water is clear. Let dry before
    pouring into the jar.)

2. Add small shells, pebbles and other things you have collected at the seashore or
    outside. Add very small pieces of foil or glitter to add a shimmery effect
    and stick blades of grass into the sand to resemble kelp.

3. Combine blue liquid watercolor and water in a measuring cup, and slowly pour
    this into your jar, filling it ¾ of the way full.

4. Finally, fill the gap to the very top with baby or vegetable oil and seal the jar with
    its lid. Set on a shelf and imagine what ocean animals might live inside.
    Reading books about the ocean talking about your mini aquarium is a great
    way to engage your child.

Note – please make sure your child does not shake or drop the mini aquarium
  where the jar might break.

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