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Habitot Children's Museum

Habitot Children's Museum
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Habitot at Home


Make a 'Where's Spot' Family Album Book   

sun catcher photo


  • 4-6 Manila file folders (which serve as the pages of the book)
  • Close up photos of family members, pets, neighbors, teachers and other important people in your child's life
  • Tape
  • Colored markers
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Brads or "D" rings, or 3-ring binder

  1. Cut off the file folder tabs so the edge is straight.
  2. Each file folder will become two pages in the book, front and back, with the open sides of the file folder bound together at the left. Draw simple pictures of rooms in your house on the outsides of each file folder: the dining room, the bedroom, a closet, etc.
  3. Once drawn, cut a door-shaped or "D" shaped opening, with one hinge-side intact, somewhere on each drawing: under the dining room table, inside the closet, under the bed, a kitchen cupboard, etc. The opening should function like a little door and can open any direction.
  4. Tape a photo of someone important in your child's life to the inside of the file folder so the picture shows through the opening. Opening the little door will reveal the person under the bed, or inside the closet.
  5. Make as many pages as you have photos.
  6. Use the hole punch to perforate holes along the open sides of the file folders and stack the file folders together like the pages of a book.
  7. If you use brads to bind the pages together, tape the brads down so they don't poke little fingers. "D" rings or a binder can also be used to bind the book.
The last page is reserved for whoever you want in the title of the book, and will be the last person your child finds. If mommy is in the last opening, the book becomes, "Where's Mommy?" (Lots of people put the family pet on the last page). As you "read" the book with your child, ask "where's mommy?" on every page. "Is she under the dining room table?" Let your child open the doors to reveal, "No, that's Uncle Jim!" "Is she in the closet?" "No, that's Grandma!" For older preschoolers, you can add the printed words on each page. These books are usually prized possessions for children and help them build early literacy skills.

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