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Habitot is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that relies on community support

Habitot Children's Museum

Habitot Children's Museum
2065 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 647-1111

Classes & Camps
Winter Spring Classes

Beginning January 2009, Habitot will offer all of its children’s and parent-child classes on a drop-in basis! Purchase a 10-class pass for $130 and attend any ten classes of your choosing during a an eight-week session. Free admission to the museum on the day of your class is included with purchase. A minimum of 16 passes must be sold each session for the classes to run.
  • Session I: January 26 – March 16 • 10-class pass,
    $130 for non-members, $120 for members
  • Session II: March 23 – May 18 • 10-class pass,
    $130 for non-members, $120 for members (no classes the week of April 6)

Habitot’s classes for ages 2 to 3 years offer innovative experiences and a variety of hands-on, open-ended sensory activities that lead to discovery and growth. Talented, caring and experienced educators create a safe, fun and engaging environment that will foster your child’s self-confidence, curiosity and creativity. Most importantly, in Habitot’s classes, children learn social skills that help them make friends and successfully interact with other children. Parent or caregiver participation required for 2 year olds; optional for 3 and 4 year olds.

Breakfast Club
Tuesdays, 10:45 am - 11:35 am

Rise and shine! In this class, children ages 2 to 3 years will learn how to make nutritious and easy recipes for breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Young cooks will learn to crack eggs, mix ingredients into batter, and cook up savory creations like omelets and frittatas, pancakes, waffles, granolas and much more. Every child will receive a chef’s hat and take home copies of each week’s recipe.

Best of Summer Camp ~ in the Winter!
Wednesdays, 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Every week, 3-4 year olds will enjoy theme-activities inspired by Habitot's popular summer camp series. One week, we might be building a space station, investigating Mars Mud and learning about the solar system, the next week we might be back on the farm, churning butter, square dancing and dyeing wool. For a complete list of camps themes from which this class series will draw, see http://www.habitot.org/hab/camps.htm

Tot Art with a Twist!
Wednesdays, 10:45 am - 11:35 am

Habitot’s popular Tot Art class takes a new shape this season with the addition of pre-math literacy activities! In this hands-on, open-ended, sensory class, children ages 2 to 3 years will explore a variety of art materials and media—including clay, collage, recycled objects and painting—as they learn to count, sort, understand volume and identify patterns and shapes.

Move and Groove!
Fridays, 10:45 am - 11:35 am

Toddlers ages 2 to 3 years will sing, wiggle, twist, and whirl to a variety of tunes. Through music, movement and instrument play, toddlers will explore the space around them and discover new ways to move and control their bodies. Toddlers will also learn the basic concepts of melody, rhythm, beat, tempo, rhyme and improvisation.
Viva el Espanol Classes

In addition, we have contracted with Viva el Español to offer Spanish music classes for toddlers and their adult/amigo. Each session of the Spanish class is seven weeks long and the cost is $109 for non-members and $98 for members. A trial class without registration is available. Free admission to the museum on each class day is included with enrollment in the Viva el Español Parent & Me Música class.

Session I: January 26 – March 9 • $109 for non-members, $98 for members
Session II: March 23 – May 11 • $109 for non-members, $98 for members
(no classes the week of April 6)

Parent & Me Música Class with Viva el Español
Mondays, 10:30 am - 11:20 am

Engaging interactive Spanish class led by experienced bilingual teacher. Children learn while singing songs and playing games. Toddlers will move to a Latin beat, sing along in Spanish and play drums, bells, maracas, rainmakers, rhythm sticks and more! Program uses a full immersion approach. Class limited to 10 parent/child pairs per class.

Spring Break Camp

April 6 - 10, 2009 $30 / day; $140 all 5 days

A half-day, drop-off activity camp for 3 to 5 year olds exploring Spring themes like eggs hatching, baby animals, new buds, sunshine, rain and puddles through fun, hands-on art, math and science activities. Children will enjoy cooking, art activities, science projects, storytelling and music... all led by experienced Habitot instructors. Each day includes a snack time. Classes limited to 12 students.

Curbside Drop-off & Pick-up Service Available
For more information, inquire at the time of registration.

General Drop-Off: 9:00-9:15am
General Pick-Up: 12:00-12:15pm
Lunchtime Care and Museum Visit - $10
Additional fee for this service per day (bag lunches encouraged) 12:00-1:00pm
Pick-Up from Lunch Service 1:00-1:15pm

Registration starts on Monday, March 9th

Call Liz at 510-647-1111 x 17 purchase your 10-visit Habitot class passes, enroll in the Spanish class or register for Spring Break Camp.

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