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Habitot Children's Museum

Habitot Children's Museum
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Habitot at Home

Dad Rocks Paper Weight

Alligator Birthday Card image copyright

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• Oval, smooth rocks in different sizes 1 1/2" - 3";
  one for each member of your family
• Package of googly eyes (from craft stores) or Sharpie markers for making eyes
• Tacky glue
• Small package of self hardening clay or plaster of Paris
• Knife and spoon
• Aluminum foil
• Cardboard

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1. Wrap the cardboard with aluminum foil
2. Form a small mound of the clay or plaster on the cardboard, about 3"
    high and 4" wide, making the sides angled out like the sides of a pyramid
3. (Adult) Cut off the top inch of the mound with a knife, leaving a flat surface.
    Dig out a small, shallow bowl in the center of the flat surface,
    leaving the mound intact.
4. Let dry until hard (2 days)
5. When dry, decorate the bowl with paints or markers. Add the words "Dad
    Rocks!" if you like.
6. Pick out a rock for each person in the family - matching size and dimension for
    each person.
7. Glue the rocks into the bowl using tacky glue. Place the larger rocks in the
    back and the smaller ones in the front.
8. Glue googly eyes on each rock; draw faces if you like.
9. Recycle the foil and cardboard, smooth off any rough edges on the bottom and
    present the paperweight to dad on Father's Day.
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