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Habitot is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that relies on community support

Habitot Children's Museum

Habitot Children's Museum
2065 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 647-1111

Habitot News

Swim under the sea in our re-imagined waterworks exhibit

Waterwork is Now an Octipus's GardenSwim through the kelp forest and play with your favorite undersea creatures in our newest treatment of the Waterworks water play area. Thanks to West Marine for donating the new pumps for our Water Tower.

Grandparent Circle Grows

Grandparent Circle PhotoWho knows better than anyone how precious the first few years are? Grandparents do! From Habitot's beginning, grandparents have appreciated the museum's unique play and learning space, and how easy Habitot makes it to spend time with active and curious grandchildren.

In August, Habitot launched a very special club of grandparent donors and friends who support the museum financially and join us in exclusive grandparent-child events throughout the year. We'd like to recognize our newest Charter Members, Helene and Charles Linker and Janet Lord, as well as Grandparent Circle Members, Patricia Coleman and Connie and James Shapiro. October's Grandparent Circle event is making individual Halloween Hansel & Gretel houses. More information about joining the Grandparent Circle.

Firehouse Exhibit Opens

Firehouse Exhibit OpensNearly 100 donors and friends were the first to drive the refurbished fire engine, try on new jackets and boots and crawl through the burning house at the Firehouse Preview Opening last month. The salsa was hot and the punch was smoking with dry ice, and everyone had a grand time. Thanks to all who contributed to bringing this exhibit back and a huge shout—to our outstanding exhibit refurbisher/installers, Garret Mayer at garretmayer@yahoo.com, Nikhil Sridhar at Seneca Builders and our own Jon Glasky.

Spit 'n Polish Day Volunteers Make a Difference

Parents' Press LogoTwenty five employees from both Wells Fargo and Dow Chemical as well as volunteers from Vista/Teachers for America descended on Habitot on a Wednesday afternoon last month to clean, paint, organize and beautiful the museum in anticipation of our busy winter season. The cleanup day was part of the Bay Area-wide Week of Caring sponsored by United Way and the Volunteer Center. Among the volunteers' many accomplishments: painting the Wind Tunnel walls and floor, cleaning out three packed storage closets, repainting the inside of the Wiggle Wall, washing all the chairs and benches, and scraping the art table edges smooth again. 65,000 visitors a year make for a lot of wear and tear and we are grateful for the support and friendship of these generous companies.

Early Childhood Safety Days a Hit with Parents

Preschool teachersOver 75 friends and family members accompanied ten winning teachers at this year's 4th annual "Preschool Teachers Make a Difference" Awards ceremony at Habitot last month. Sean Casey, Executive Director of Contra Costa First 5, and one of this year's judges, spoke in honor of the teachers, saying, "The work you do is incredibly important, not only to prepare young children for school, but for lifelong learning." Nominators of the winning teachers stood to recognize their teacher, pointing out the unique gifts that make their teacher special. Habitot's Director, Gina Moreland, noted that 113 nominations were received this year and that "there are many, many more preschool teachers who deserve to be recognized." To sponsor next year's "Preschool Teachers Make a Difference" awards program, please contact Lauren Levin at dassoc@habitot.org.

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