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Serving the Community

Welcoming a Wide Audience

A core part of Habitot's mission is to benefit as broad an audience of families raising young children as possible. Income, transportation, access, language, education, or cultural background should not be a barrier to whether a family can visit Habitot to help their young children learn and grow. Diversity Statement

A range of programs listed below are in place to reach out to and include families from all walks of life. In addition, the Cultural Connections advisory board gives community members a voice in Habitot's program development so that it reflects the needs and interests of the community.

Other services like a toy lending library, a circulating collection of parenting references, training for teachers and caregivers, and scholarship programs invest in parents, teachers and caregivers so that all young children reach their potential.

Low-income Families

Low-income families may be eligible for a limited number of scholarships for annual memberships. These are funded by grants from private foundations and individual donations. In addition, Habitot has placed permanent FREE admission passes in selected libraries and agencies throughout the East Bay which patrons/clients may check out for free. Head Start and other state-supported preschool groups are eligible for free or reduced cost vists. Family Outreach

FREE Field Trips

Head State and state-supported preschools, social service agencies, hospital based programs and many others may be eligible for free admission. Depending on grant support, reimbursement for transportation may be available. FREE admission groups receive return visit passes for the families of each child. Check eligibility

Library Passes

Habitot participates in the Discover & Go Program providing discount family admission passes in selected communities. Check list here. In addition, libraries in local low-income neighborhoods may hold a permanent Habitot pass in their collections which can be checked out with a library card. Check list of participating libraries here.

Agency Partnerships

Formal partnerships with fourteen social service agencies and nonprofits help Habitot reach the most vulnerable young children and families. Free, exclusive visit times on weekday afternoons, when the Museum is otherwise closed to the public, have benefited over 5,000 at-risk parents and children over the last six years.

These family engagement sessions are currently organized for teen parents, children with special needs and their families, homeless families and formerly incarcerated mothers and their families. Agency Partnerships

Also, a number of local agencies hold permanent passes that can be loaned to client families for free admission or have one-day passes to distribute. Check list here.

Parenting Resources

Habitot's mission is to help parents and caregivers raise curious, creative and confident children. To that end, we offer a variety of resources in and outside the Museum including a resource library of parenting materials, monthly online Q&As on parenting topics, parenting workshops, child development handouts in the Museum, family activity cards in exhibit spaces and an Early Childhood Safety Campaign. Parenting Resources

Toy Lending Library

Housed within the Museum is a collection of play-based and educational infant, toddler and preschooler toys. The Toy Library's high quality toys support learning and hands-on discovery play in the home. Sharing toys keeps family expenses down and keeps young children (who outgrow toys quickly) engaged. Toy Lending Library

Teachers & Caregivers

Habitot offers playworker training for preschool teachers, art teacher workshops and CPR training for caregivers, among others. Some of these programs are fee-based; others are subsidized. Teachers & Caregivers

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