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Articles: Early Childhood and Parenting

Selecting Children's Toys and Products

Consumer's Guide to Selecting Suitable Toys
Best Toys for Each Age Chart including children up to five years old.
Best Children's Products -- rated by nationally recognized Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, who serves on Habitot's Advisory Board. Her website lists numerous other links for parents with young children.

Parenting Resources

10 Things Great Parents Do (PDF)

Zero To Three
Zero to Three: comprehensive resource promoting healthy development of babies and toddlers

Childhood Matters
Childhood Matters - a live, call-in radio program for parents and others who care for children airing every Sunday morning at 9 am on 98.1 KISS-FM

Nuestros Ninos
Nuestros Niños - a live, call-in radio program in Spanish for parents and others who care for children. Hosted by Dr. Marisol Muñoz-Kiehne, PhD, also known as 'Doctora Marisol', this program airs every Sunday morning at 8:30 am on KLOK 1170 AM.

Nurture Center
The Nurture Center is a store and parent resource center in Lafayette, California (central Contra Costa County), offering products, support and resources for new and expecting parents in the San Francisco East Bay Area.

Dr. Ben Kim
Ways to Foster a Good Relationship With Your Children and Influence Their Behaviour Without Intimidation or Violence. (2008) Dr. Ben Kim
Strategies For Parents: Consistency and Follow through. Lehigh University: College of Educaction - Center for Promoting Research to Practice
The Art of Positive Reinforcement, Sarah Chana Radcliffe, M.Ed., C.Psych. Assoc. (2000).

Keep Kids Healthy
Catch Your Child in the Act... of Doing Good! Vonda Skinner Skelton, RN. (2001).

Natural Moms
Positive Reinforcement. Destry Maycock, MSW. (2010). Natural Moms

Ask Dr. Sears
10 Techniques to Shape Children’s Behavior 2006. Ask Dr. Sears

Christine Carter, Ph.D. How to Criticize Your Kids October 15, 2008. Greater Good - The Science of a Meaningful Life: Raising Happiness

Erica Reischer, PhD
"10 Things Great Parents Do" or to learn more about Dr. Erica Reischer

Helping Young Children Behave
Abell, Ellen. Helping Young Children Behave. 1996

Kids at Thought
Why to Let Your Child Fail and Make Mistakes, by Mendel

Talking to Children About Failure
Talking to Children about Failure, by Deb Gebeke

Raise Inspired Kids
Self Esteem is Over Rated: Go for a Sense of Mastery, by Dr. Katherine Larsen

PBS Parents
Talking With Kids: I Can’t Believe I Said That! PBS Parents Web Site. 2011
Helping Your Child Learn Science. Department of Education

Information on Early Childhood Reading

the Guardian
Under-sevens too young 'too learn to read', by Polly Curtis
30,000 Words: Is Your Child Getting Enough? by Danielle Wood

The New York Times
From Birth, Engage Your Child With Talk, by Jane E. Brody

Policy Brief: Literacy in Early Childhood
Literacy in early childhood

Zero To Three
Early Literacy and Language Tips and Tools, 2011

Reading Rockets
Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle, 2011

Early Childhood News
Hands-On Science for Young Children, by Tanya Eggers - The Professional Resource for Teachers and Parents

Childhood Health and Safety Resources
National organization dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood injury; find safety tips for each age group, product recalls, child safety state laws and regulations we might bring them back later.

American Academy of Pediatrics
2011 Summer Safety Tips - Sun and Water Safety
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Are your kids safe? Car Safety
Angela Oswalt, MSW, Natalie Staats Reiss, Ph.D and Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. Natural and Logical Consequences in Early Childhood. 2008.

Parent Further
Letting Natural Consequences Do Their Thing
Child Safety Resource Guide

Preschool Directories

East Bay Preschool Directory
Detailed information about preschools in Alamo, Danville, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and more! East Bay Preschool Directory for East Central Contra Costa County.

Play Skills

Brainy Child
Imaginative Play - A Vital Tool for Optimum Child Brain Development by Andrew Loh

Baby Zone
Toddler Index

Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills, by Alix Spiegel

Getting Ready for School
Transition to Kindergarten Parent Guides

Getting School Ready
Getting School Ready is a free guide for parents, families and caregivers.

Family Education
Starting Kindergarten: How To Prepare Your Child, by FamilyEducation Staff

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If you would like to recommend a website addressing any of the above topic areas, please contact Habitot Children's Museum at 510-647-1111.

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