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African Village

Jiji Letu, which means ‘our village’ in Swahili, will transport children and their families into an authentic, rural village in East Africa. Here, houses are thatched, animals are a part of the family, drumming and music are played all day as part of community life, and everyone shares in preparing food. The vast beauty of Africa extends to the horizon. Costumes and props and frequent programs led by Jiji la Watoto will make the exhibit come alive.

Jiji Letu African Village at Habitot

Help Us Build This Village

Four thousand dollars -- about half what's needed -- have been raised to build this exhibit. Community input is sought to ensure that the exhibit is culturally appropriate and that design and programming meet community needs and interests. Please contact us if you are interested in being part of the team that fulfills the vision for this exhibit.


Castle Exhibit - Future Exhibit for Young Children

Students from the Art Institute in San Francisco completed this exhibit design project for Habitot in 2008. With input from Habitot's founder and director, students generated a three-dimensional mock-up of the exhibit. Play and learning elements include a castle wall, tunnels, medieval kitchen, jousting horses and more. If you are interested in supporting the development of this exhibit, please contact us.

Ball Maze

Ball Maze - Future Habitot Exhibit for Young Children

That little kids love balls is no secret. The BOSS Display Company specializes in pneumatic ball exhibits which many have expressed a desire to see at Habitot. If you are interested in supporting the development of this exhibit, please contact us.

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