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Kids Love the Firehouse!

Help Support Our Rotating Exhibits

Boy with a fire hose and face paint

We need ongoing support to maintain our featured Firehouse exhibit.

  • $200 will cover the cost of cleaning, repairing,
    or replacing costumes.
  • $350 will replace worn out components.
  • $500 will pay for a special fire safety event.
Donate Online

Gifts from $1 to $1,000 are welcome!

Child in the Fire Engine

Typical exhibit cost:

Help bring back the firehouse through donation.

Authentic Firefighter Costumes
Sturdy Firefighter Helmets
Firefighter Boots
New Fire Engine Ride Upons
Hiring a fabricator to restore, repaint and re-wire the fire engine; supervise the delivery and install the exhibit to working order.    
Rental of the truck and payment for gas for the day of installation and delivery.    
The hiring of three able-bodied movers for four hours to install the exhibit.    
Food and beverages for the firefighters and guests at our Preview Opening Event for donors—we hope you will be there!    

We can't do it without you!

Donate Online

Toddler with fire dog

Invest in YOUR children's museum today.

Most people don't know what it takes to bring a new exhibit into Habitot's space. To hire fabricators who can build safe, durable and engaging exhibits and to purchase enough well-made costumes and props, costs tens of thousands of dollars. Our Rocketship exhibit, for example, cost $22,000 to build ten years ago.

Fortunately, we have other well-made exhibits in storage, which we were able to build in stronger economic times. To restore and bring them back ifor children to enjoy requires much less money than a new exhibit—but it still costs something. As you can imagine, our audience is pretty hard on exhibits. Parts wear out, costumes rip, exhibits need repainting and repairing.

To bring back the next rotating exhibit, we need to raise a very modest $3,000.

  • 100% of your gift will go to direct costs—not to staff time!
  • We appreciate additional gifts to support staff in coordinating this exhibit installation, which is not insignificant!
  • We have insurance and storage costs was well.
  • We've included URLs in case you want to purchase some of these items directly (let us know so we can manage the distribution of sizes).

Donate Online

If you would like more information please contact Executive Director, Gina Moreland at or 510.647.1111 ext. 11


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