Art & Maker Stations


Changing Art Table

Explore art activities like watercolor painting, gelli printing, natural materials collaging, and more at our art table! The materials often change, but every activity is a chance to practice open-ended creativity. 

Skills We’re Practicing & What We’re Learning 
  • Creativity – creating a unique piece of art with the materials from the table 
  • Independent thinking – making independent choices about which materials to use and what to create
  • Fine motor skills – using the small muscles in the hands to grip art-making tools

Playdough Sensory Table

Playdough is great for building, rolling, molding, cutting – you name it! Your child can explore playdough with unrestricted creativity using both their hands and fun tools.

Skills We’re Practicing & What We’re Learning 
  • Fine motor skills – using the small muscles in our hands to knead playdough and grasp tools 
  • Sensory exploration – learning about textures by touching the playdough
  • Imagination – pretending the playdough is something else (pizza, cookies, etc.) to practice symbolic thinking

Boat Making & Tinkering

Inspect materials, then design, build, and decorate a boat. Test how it floats and sails at the water table. Decide if it needs anything added to it or taken away. A fun design activity!

Skills We’re Practicing & What We’re Learning 
  • Problem solving – figuring out which materials and methods are best for creating a boat that floats in water, and changing those that don’t work 
  • Buoyancy – seeing how some materials and shapes float on water while others sink to the bottom
  • Critical thinking – thinking about which materials, shapes, and objects float and why

Rocket Building

Design, build, and decorate a rocketship from cardboard, foam, duct tape, and more. Then, test out how high it can propel with our air-pressurized Rocket Launcher machine! 

Skills We’re Practicing & What We’re Learning 
  • Experimentation – figuring out which materials, shapes, and designs are best for helping a rocketship fly through the air 
  • Aerodynamics – learning about and seeing why rockets are shaped in a certain way to increase their ability to launch upward through the air 
  • Creativity – making independent choices about the colors, materials, and designs of our rockets 


Habitot’s Boat-making and Rocket-building maker activities are funded in part by the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Additional maker activities coming soon!