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A core part of Habitot’s mission as a non-profit organization is to support parents and caregivers—from as broad an audience as possible—as they raise creative, curious, and confident children. A goal this large, one that attempts to reach further with each new step, requires listening to our community, amplifying voices, and forming partnerships.

This page contains links to books we love and Habitot puppet shows, both of which promote early literacy.

You’ll also find Early Childhood Safety advice and instruction from local Bay Area Agencies.

Coming soon are links to videos about supporting your child as they learn through play, parenting articles, and workshops.


Early Literacy

Book of the Month

Habitot-at-Home Weekly includes monthly children’s book recommendations with a link to a read aloud. Did you miss a month, or want to listen again?

Book of the Month 2022

Book of the Month 2021

Book of the Month 2020

Habitot Puppet Shows

Puppet shows with Lady Rainbow use animal puppets to craft colorful spins on classic tales while her audience members supply the rainbow magic.


Messages From Our Partners

LGBTQ+ Resources

See our LGBTQ+ Resources⁠—articles, videos, books, and special LGBTQ+ focused art activities⁠—for East Bay families headed by LGBTQ+ folx, transgender & gender creative children, and their allies.

Early Childhood Safety

Habitot’s annual Early Childhood Safety Campaign has been helping parents and caregivers keep young children safe from unintentional accidents and injuries since 1999. Please enjoy these informative home-grown videos and articles from our community safety experts.