Board Participation


Critical Board Needs Now

Availability / Interest Requirements

  • Time to contribute – 10 hrs per month on average, not including board meetings
    Willingness to become self-educated about nonprofits and best practices in board leadership
  • Willingness to help with fundraising efforts, including capital fundraising from individuals
  • Commitment to being an ambassador and a strong advocate for Habitot in a wide variety of social, business and government settings (includes activities leading to board recruitment)

Critical Expertise Needed

  • Accounting and Finance – CPA to serve on the audit committee
  • Accountant with experience in nonprofit accounting
  • Individual with investment management experience relevant to the planning and oversight of Habitot’s restricted and unrestricted funds.

Capital Project Development

  • Real estate developer, construction manager, architect or project manager who can provide oversight and guidance on New Place to Grow: RFP’s, construction build-out, infrastructure development and installation of new exhibits
  • Risk, liability or insurance expert to advise on issues relevant to the capital project (and museum operations in general)
  • Individuals with connections to experts in building trades, exhibit fabrication and sources of in-kind materials

Fund Development

  • Individuals with general experience in and knowledge of fundraising and development through their profession, as a board member or in volunteer leadership role
  • Individual with experience in corporate giving or sponsorship
  • Individual with experience in developing membership program
  • Individual(s) willing to host an invitation-only reception for prospective donors at their home or place of work
  • Individual(s) with experience organizing and leading successful fundraising events, galas, house parties, auctions, etc.
  • Individual(s) who will assist the ED in identifying and approaching possible donors who can make gifts of $10,000 or greater
  • Individual(s) with the ability to make or raise a minimum gift of $2,500 or more in each year while serving on the board of directors and a one-time gift to the New Place to Grow three to ten times their annual gift.

Public Relations and Marketing – Professionals with public relations, community and marketing expertise (agency owner would be ideal)

  • Professional with website design and content expertise to help refine the website
  • Public relations or communications professional with hands-on experience in social media platforms to assist in cultivating Habitot’s social media presence
  • Marketing specialist who can guide the Museum’s communications plan and its New Place to Grow public fundraising campaign in the future and opening of the new museum