Launch-a-Rocket BoxiTot Kit


This multi-activity kit is chock full of materials! Kids can build rockets, make parachutes for the nose cones, and learn about propulsion, movement, and force.

Activity 1

Build and decorate a rocket from a cardboard tube, then test its launch-ability across a string using the air from a balloon.

Activity 2

Use the bubbly gas created by a mix of Alka-Seltzer and water to propel a rocket upward.

Activity 3

Make a parachute using a coffee filter and pipe cleaners to bring a rocket’s nose cone safely back to the ground.


What we’re learning & skills we’re building

  • Propulsion – air released from a balloon and gassy air created by a mix of Alka-Seltzer and water propel, or push, the rockets forward and upward
  • Chemical reaction – water and Alka-Seltzer create a safe, bubbly gas when mixed together
  • Cause and effect – air caught in the lightweight, bowl-shaped material of a coffee filter causes the “parachute” to float slowly to the ground


  • Instruction cards
  • Link to instructional video
  • Thin plastic straw (1)
  • String
  • Cardboard tube (1)
  • Foam sheet (1)
  • Markers (3)
  • Cardstock (1)
  • Dixie cups (2)
  • Duct tape or other tape (1)
  • Star stickers (1 sheet)
  • Child-safe scissors (1)
  • Balloons (2)
  • Coffee filters small (3)
  • Pipe cleaners (6)
  • Film canister 1
  • Alka-Seltzer (packet of 2)

Suggested Age: 4+

Safety: CHOKING HAZARD for children under 8 yrs – kit contains latex balloons (chokeable if ripped or torn into smaller pieces) and small Alka-Seltzer tablets.

$44 includes tax and shipping

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Launch-a-Rocket BoxiTot kit is a Habitot staff favorite!

Inspired in part by the Rocket-Building Maker Station and the Rocket Launcher Exhibit at our Mobile Museum pop-up events, this kit invites kids to explore some of the early-science concepts behind rocket ships. The materials and activities are reusable, too, making for hours or even days of fun! Here’s a short clip from our how-to video (link included with kit purchase).


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