Early Childhood Safety Campaign


Habitot’s annual Early Childhood Safety Campaign has been helping parents and caregivers keep young children safe from unintentional accidents and injuries since 1999. In 2021, we went virtual!

Please enjoy these 2021 informative home-grown videos and articles from our community safety experts below.

Thank you to State Farm Insurance, our annual campaign sponsor!


Water Safety


Water Safety with East Bay Regional Parks

Aaron Roth, a lifeguard with the East Bay Regional Parks District Fire Department, reminds us how to stay safe in the water with our little ones, especially as it gets warmer outside and we venture out to new swimming venues.

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Open Water Safety Checklist from Safe Kids International

Safe Kids International has put together an excellent checklist for keeping your little one safe in the water.

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Safety in Seconds: Water Safety

This 30-second video from Safe Kids International teaches you how to keep your little ones safe.

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Safety in Seconds: Open Water Safety

Do you know how to fit a life-jacket on your little one? This water safety video from Safe Kids International will show you how.

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Health & Personal Safety


The Kidpower Core Principle

Ellen Frankel with Kidpower California teaches us the Kidpower Core Principle, and it’s especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Practicing Awareness

Ellen Frankel with Kidpower California reminds grown-ups and little ones to stay aware of their surroundings to help keep themselves safe.

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Check First

Ellen Frankel with Kidpower California teaches a helpful tool for little ones to think and “Check First” with their grown up before changing a plan.

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Tobacco Prevention

Tino Ratliff from City of Berkeley Tobacco Prevention Program reminds us about the dangers of secondhand smoke and keeping our families safe.

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Breastfeeding Health and Safety

Jocelyn De Sena from City of Berkeley WIC shares both the benefits of breastfeeding and resources for breastfeeding parents.

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Keeping your Little Ones Healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

City of Berkeley Public Health expert Jacqueline Maldonado discusses wellness checks and vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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10 Surprising Choking Hazards for Babies and Toddlers

Check out this short video from Parents Magazine about 10 unexpected choking hazards. Number 5 surprised us!

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Emergency Preparedness & Home Safety


Berkeley Ready Emergency Preparedness 

Did you know there’s a 72% probability that there will be an earthquake in the Bay Area within the next 30 years that registers as a 6.0+? Berkeley Ready has two easy steps you can take today to better prepare yourself and your family for an earthquake or other emergency. Watch Now! For even more emergency information, check out the City of Berkeley’s Berkeley Ready website. You can also email ready@cityofberkeley.info for information about their emergency training program.

Childproofing and More with Black Infant Health

Since we are spending more time in our homes, our friend Sandra Hunter with Black Infant Health reminds us about childproofing our home and practicing self-care.

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Lead Poisoning Prevention with Alameda County Healthy Homes

Lead in Bay Area homes is more common than you may think. Our friends at Healthy Homes Alameda know all about keeping you and your child safe from lead poisoning.

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Sign up for the Alameda County Alert System

Did you watch our Berkeley Ready Emergency Preparedness video? To be extra-prepared in an emergency, make sure you and your loved ones have subscribed to the Alameda County Alert System to get the most up-to-date emergency information for your city.

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Car Seat & Bicycle Safety


Car Seat Safety Tips 

Do you know how to strap your little one into a car seat properly? Kelly Lux at State Farm has some excellent car seat safety tips for you and your family.

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100 Years of Car Seat History in (about) 60 Seconds

Believe it or not, car seats weren’t originally designed for safety. See the entire surprising history of infant and child car seats in about a minute from What to Expect.

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Car Seats – Everything You Need to Know! 

Did you know car accidents are a leading cause of injury to young children? Kathryn Woolbright from Alameda County Safe Kids has some tips for installing car seats and staying safe while driving with your little one.

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Bicycle Safety Tips 

Officer Schikore from the Berkeley Police Department has an important reminder about keeping you and your little one safe while riding bikes during this pandemic.

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Bicycle Helmet Fitting Tips with Gina Moreland

Watch Gina Moreland fit a bicycle helmet so you can pick up a perfectly fitted helmet for your little one at our free helmet giveaway.

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Bike East Bay

Going on a family bike ride? Check out our friends at Bike East Bay who have fun videos, workshops, and biking groups to help you and your family ride safely, confidently, and knowledgeably! Follow this link for informational videos that cover how to carry your little one on your bike with you, how to transition your child to a two-wheel bike, and how to safely plan a bicycle route for you and your child.

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Fire Safety


Meet Berkeley Firefighters

Kid-friendly fire safety tips from our funny firefighter friends at the Berkeley Fire Department.

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Stop Drop and Roll

A Berkeley firefighter shows kids how.

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Kids Call 911 Dispatch

Watch Habitot tots call dispatch and use our fire truck siren with the Berkeley Fire Department firefighters.

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Prevent Scalds and Burns

Hear from the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (AARBF) and the SF Fire Department about how to prevent scalds and burns at home.

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Fire Safety Storytelling

Hear from Jennifer Radics Johnson of AARBF. Age appropriate for 3-6. 8 minutes long.

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More Fire Safety Storytelling

Hear from Jennifer Radics Johnson of AARBF. Age appropriate for 3-6. 8 minutes long.

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Burn Prevention Tips


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Puppet Show: Lucky, the Fire-Burping Dragon

With Toni Tone and AARBF.

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“Unintentional accidents among very young children are the biggest threat to the life and health of children one to six years old.” 
– American Academy of Pediatrics