Puppet Shows


Puppet shows with Lady Rainbow use animal puppets to craft colorful spins on classic tales while her audience members supply the rainbow magic.



Lady Rainbow and the Changing Caterpillar!

In this puppet show, Lady Rainbow helps her friend, Tilly the Caterpillar, overcome her nerves about going to Kindergarten. Watch along as Tilly transforms!

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Lady Rainbow and the Brave Little Joey

In this month’s puppet show, Lady Rainbow and her puppet friends talk about having different abilities and being independent!

A special thank you to Jonathan Bonilla-Rios, Manager of ProCare Medical Supplies, for donating the tubing for this puppet show!

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Lady Rainbow and the Big New Family

We’re celebrating differences during Pride month with Lady Rainbow! Her friend, Flying Kitty Cat, will show us how being different can make us special.

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Spring is Sprung! 

Lady Rainbow and Francisco explore the new season of spring! They talk about flowers, butterflies and wind. Lady Rainbow also tells a new version of the old story Jack and the Beanstalk!

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Lady Rainbow and the Birthday Guessing Box

Lady Rainbow and her friends Owliver and Rainbow Bear celebrate Habitot’s 23rd birthday with a special story about the Birthday Guessing Box and a fun new version of the old story of Rumpelstiltskin!

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Lady Rainbow and the Wishing Star

Lady Rainbow and her friend Francisco learn about outer space, star constellations, and the moon! They also take a trip to the stars in a homemade rocket ship you and your little one can make alongside them! 

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Lady Rainbow and the Far Away Friends

Lady Rainbow tries to cheer up her best friend, Rainbow Bear, when his grownups say they can’t play together in-person. Along the way, they learn about making phone calls and mailing letters, and children at home are invited to send a picture to Lady Rainbow and get a letter mailed back to them! The show ends by helping Rainbow Bear get ready for a cozy nap with a new version of an old story from The Brothers Grimm!

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About the puppeteer

Stephanie Ann Foster (Lady Rainbow) is a Bay Area performer with an MFA in Children’s Literature and an MA in Shakespeare Education. She toured theater-in-education programs for four years in the US and Asia, and spent another four years making theater in South Korea. She has taught and directed for the American Shakespeare Center, the Berkeley Playhouse, StageWrite, and Cal Shakes, and her work has appeared in Teaching Shakespeare Magazine and the Peace Corps Eager for English books. Her adaptation of A Little Princess has been produced in seven states. As the founder of Cut Glass Theatre, Stephanie Ann stages literature-based plays around the world. She has three daughters ages five and under, so she’s an authority on rainbow magic.

A special thank you to the Minner family for donating the Richard L. Minner Memorial Theater!