Good to Know


Habitot is actively working to open a new museum. In the meantime, we hope to see you at a Habitot Pop-Up! We’ll be presenting Pop-Up Events in the East Bay through October 2021 and beginning again in Spring 2022!

Good to know before visiting us at a Pop-Up Event:

Art Studio

All art supplies used in our mobile Art Studio are non-toxic. We purchase art materials labeled “washable” whenever possible. Open-ended art can be messy, and we have aprons available. We also recommend that children not wear special or expensive clothing. 


Habitot encourages kids to be kids, which means they might get wet while playing in our beloved, mobile WaterWorks exhibit. We recommend bringing a change of clothing just in case.

Reducing Cold & Flu Exposure

Please read our COVID-19 Policy before visiting a Pop-Up Event.

Please postpone your visit if either you or your child is sick.  If your child has a fever or if they’ve been vomiting, we ask that you wait at least 24 hours AFTER their temperature returns to normal or their vomiting stops before visiting.

Habitot will provide hand sanitizer at the entrance.

The Role of Adults

We encourage parents, grandparents, and caregivers to actively engage with children while at Habitot. The best way to experience Habitot is to let the child take the lead. Go ahead and play with abandon!

Children learn important literacy, math, science, and social skills when you talk about all the things they can do in each exhibit, show them how things work, or best of all, become a character in their fictional drama. Active engagement also creates wonderful memories. We hope you’ll use Habitot as a place to bond, and a place to recharge!